Sophie Caballero

                                                                         Founder of  Equilibre Therapeutic Approach

Atlanta,  Chicago, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, & Washington, DC

Brussels, London, &  Rome



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After working in the US (Atlanta and San Francisco) for ten years, my husband Joseph and I moved to Italy.  We did this to help my son, Nikolai, as he decided to finish High School where he was born and where his father lives.  I then reopened my practice in Rome where I continued working with individuals and groups.  During this time, Joseph had been traveling every two months to the cities where his Sustainability Leadership Forum took place (Atlanta, Brussels, Chicago, Dallas, London, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC).  Because we love to be together, Joseph strongly suggested I do my group work in the cities where his Forums take place.

I’d like to gauge your interest in making Joseph’s suggestion a reality!

Let me share the group work (up to 5 people) I’m facilitating in Europe & the US

Why Equilibre Group Work?

I have worked for nearly 30 years with people of all ages (from babies to seniors) helping them recover from injuries, physical and emotional traumas, reverse the effects of serious illness, significantly eliminate chronic pain, and gain mental clarity.  Through my facilitation, clients access the self-regulation of their autonomous nervous systems, often reversing seemingly incurable diseases and chronic symptoms and regaining their quality of life.

Let me invite you to take a moment to watch and listen to clients attesting to the immediate, profound changes they have experienced yet would not have believed had they not felt them with their own bodies. Click on the following links to watch video testimonials from women, men, families, doctorsathletes, and instructors

Through Equilibre, we are co-creating safe, trusted environments to expand awareness utilizing highly effective tools, methods and approaches in a highly efficient way.

What is Equilibre Group Work?

Equilibre Group Work is an opportunity to invite up to 5 people  with whom you’d enjoy spending a highly efficient and effective  3 hours.   The flat rate is $900, regardless of the number of participants.

The work is based on science – anatomy, physiology, neurology, neurophysiology, embryology, behavioral psychology, and nutrition – and decades of studying, receiving the highest levels of training and certifications, and practicing and refining methods from Somatic Trauma Resolution, the AntiGymnastique Approach, Biodynamic Craniosacral Approach, and Shiatsu Therapy.

The approach is gentle, respectful, very efficient and easily adapted to the individual’s comfort and range of motion and emotional state.  Through the mindful practice of slow micro-movements, we reach the deep muscular layers where deep chronic tensions and shocks are held.  As a result, we allow the self-regulation of the autonomous nervous system to restore itself, leading to homeostasis and resolution and elimination of debilitating symptoms.  Through this experience and his or her commitment to health, each participant becomes the captain in charge of his/her practice and future.

What's Next?

My limited time in each city necessitates that I book Equilibre Group Work on a first-come first-served basis.  Please call me in US at +1 404-539-7954  and  in Italy at +39 334 728 1833 or email me at  to let me know if you are interested in hosting an Equilibre Group Work session and to reserve a date. 

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